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Snow & Ice Removal Services

Critical Snow & Ice Removal Services

We know there’s zero tolerance when it comes to snow and ice being on your commercial property. Safety is our top concern at Woodson Services LLC, and proper and immediate snow and ice removal for our commercial clients goes hand-in-hand with that core value. It’s of the utmost importance for the safety of your workers, tenants and customers that they’re not battling slippery conditions to get inside your buildings. During the winter months and after every heavy snow and ice storm, our dedicated team will be there to service your property right away. We want you to rest assured that your ice and snow build-up are managed accordingly, before it ever becomes an issue! Your commercial property requires special attention during the harsh, winter months here in Michigan. That’s why you need a company that can handle the correct preventative measures.

Keeping Your Property Safe

Untreated snow and ice can have major, negative impacts on your business and operations. It could stop employees from showing up for work, or limit the amount of customers you see during the winter months. Even worse, it could cause potential accidents that you could be liable for. We keep your property safe for your clients, tenants and your own livelihood.
  • Shoveling all sidewalks and pathways.
  • Plowing parking lots and treating for ice.

Snow and ice management services you can’t ignore.

Removing this winter buildup immediately and effectively is key in making sure your business runs as smoothly as possible. Failing to properly do so can have many negative effects.